Review of ‘Anthem’ by Symfinity

Symfinity, while listed as a symphonic metal band, also have a lot of progressive metal and even some folk/ren faire vibes. This New York City based band is a must see and must hear group! Their website states they have been described as a mix between Jethro Tull and Nightwish, and I completely agree with that. They have a very progressive sound and they pack an even bigger punch live!

Review of ‘Breaking Infinity’ by Gabriella Metz

Review by Ryan Murray | July 6, 2020 | Official Facebook Gabriella Metz is a singer/songwriter who was accepted into Berklee College of Music where she is studying to earn her Professional Music Bachelor’s Degree.   Her press release states that she began studying piano when she was just four years of age. By the … Continue reading Review of ‘Breaking Infinity’ by Gabriella Metz

Review of ‘Prison of Emotions’ by Julian’s Lullaby

Review by Ryan Murray | 4/2/2020 Julian’s Lullaby, a symphonic rock band from Athens, Greece, released their 2nd album “Prisoner of Emotions” in 2017. I had never heard of this band before, but really enjoyed listening to this album, especially the instrumentation.  This band has a nice mix of symphonic rock, power rock, folk and … Continue reading Review of ‘Prison of Emotions’ by Julian’s Lullaby

Interview with Melissa VanFleet

Interviewed by Jade | September 2019 First, thank you so much for interviewing with us. I absolutely love your EP. I've been looking for something like it for a long time. What was your inspiration for the EP itself? Did you go into writing it knowing what you wanted? Thank you! I wrote the songs … Continue reading Interview with Melissa VanFleet

Interview with Nicoletta Rosellini of Kalidia

Interviewed by Bridget Taylor 3/27/2019 Good day! Thanks for speaking with us, we can't wait to get to know more about you! Thank you so much for this interview, Bridget! When looking into the meaning of Kalidia, it's been said it's a combination of Kali, a Hindu goddess, and Lidia, an ancient land. How deep … Continue reading Interview with Nicoletta Rosellini of Kalidia

Interview with Lyria on ‘Immersion’

Interview by Jessica Clingempeel & Bridget Taylor 3/6/2019 Crowdfunding and the likes have been a major source for many new bands nowadays. With the success it has given Lyria, do you feel that you will keep this as a way to record future records? Do you feel crowdfunding gives you a more intimate connection to … Continue reading Interview with Lyria on ‘Immersion’